About Me


Welcome to my little slice of the internet. I am a baking enthusiast with zero formal training who loves kitchen gadgets.

I grew up in a busy household and didn’t really pay much attention to my mom when she was baking or cooking. I guess I figured I wouldn’t need those skills later in life. You know how teenagers are.

Fast forward many, many years, and I developed a love of baking. I enjoy the process of turning raw ingredients into something that will make a person smile. I also like the science behind baking. When I was a child, I always had to find things out for myself (think being told the stove is hot but you touch it anyway to find out). So, as an adult, I like to know why I’m doing something and not necessarily just doing it because “that’s the way it’s always been done”.

What you will find on this blog

I’m using this blog to document my baking journey and hope that I can help someone else learn a new skill or a new recipe that they will enjoy for years to come. You will also find some experiments where I test popular baking information to see if it really does matter for the end result.

I hope you enjoy my little slice of the internet and thanks for stopping by!