My New Fancy Cook Book!

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All the dreams of beautiful, tasty treats bound by a hard cover book. That’s what excites me about a new recipe book.

I received a gift card for a book store for Christmas and it was burning a hole in my pocket. I couldn’t wait to find a new recipe book, but I also wanted to make sure it was a good one that I would get a lot of use out of. So off to the book store we went. I found my section and settled in to look through ALL the pretty books with the tempting images of delicious treats.

I had a few requirements for this new book. It had to have a variety of baking recipes: cookies, cakes, pies….stuff like that. I also wanted a book that didn’t need a lot of strange ingredients or take multiple days to create. Not that I have anything against that, it just wasn’t what I was looking for right now.

The book store has the baking section organized alphabetically by author. I had a few books placed off to the side that were potentials and then I found this beauty. This book is a hard cover with glossy pages. There are pictures for pretty much each recipe which I like since I want to know what my results should look like.

It also has sections that discuss ingredients, baking equipment and some general baking tips. I actually really liked the general baking tips section. There were a few things mentioned that I didn’t know before and produced the “light bulb” moment. It mentions ideas such as if your pie crust bottom is soggy, the oven temperature was too low, the oven rack was too high and the crust did not get enough heat. Very useful for a non-professional!

This recipe book covers cookies, bars and brownies as wells as cakes, pies & tarts and breads.

Doesn’t the picture of cinnamon rolls look so tempting!!!

I found each section had a good variety of some common recipes and a few new to me interesting ones such as Coconut & Lime Curd Layer Cake. I have already made my initial list of the first few recipes I want to make. Cookies are up first!

On a side note, I am not a person who tends to be lured by the quick purchase items that are at the check out line. However, I could not resist this Bob Ross bookmark. Gotta love words of encouragement from Bob Ross!

Also, I really need to get myself one of those fancy book stand things instead of trying to balance it in the kitchen using the ingredients I’m baking with. Perhaps I’ll find the “right” one on Etsy.

Let me know down below if you have this recipe book and what recipe is your favourite go to item.

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