Butter swim biscuits

Butter Swim Biscuits – Easy Side Dish

butter swim biscuits fresh from oven

Recipe from Lodge Cast Iron

Way back when, months ago, May 14th, 2022, it was biscuit day. Lodge Cast Iron sent me an email with two recipes for biscuits to celebrate this fun day. I saved the email with the thought that I would make these two recipes. I went with the Butter Swim Biscuits since I had buttermilk left over from a different bake and I didn’t want to waste it.

I don’t make biscuits very often although I do love to eat them. When they are warm out of the oven with melted butter…it’s divine. I really should make biscuits more often. They are an easy side to go with so many meals.

The Process

Lodge 10.25" cast iron pan

I used my 10.25″ Lodge Cast Iron skillet for this bake. The recipe called for the Lodge 10.25″ Baker’s Skillet which basically has a dual handle design (the short handle on the right is on both sides). Although, can someone tell me what you would call the handle on the left if it’s not a “handle”?

Swim biscuit dry ingredients

Mix the flour, sugar, salt and baking powder together in a separate bowl.

Preheat your oven and when it’s ready, melt your butter in the cast iron, in the oven.

While your butter is melting, add your buttermilk to the dry ingredients. Gently mix together until a moist dough ball is formed. This really didn’t take long at all. I’m sure there is some rule about not mixing with your spatula, but I find that I can clean the sides of the bowl while I’m mixing whereas if I used a spoon, I would still need to use the spatula anyway.

add dough to melted butter

Add your dough to the melted butter. Try to spread it out to the edges for the next step.

butter swim biscuit scored

This is where I had some difficulty. The recipe wants the dough cut into rough squares. I tried to cut the dough but it just kept sliding around in the butter. I didn’t want things to start cooking weird outside of the oven, so I was trying to be quick about this step. I don’t think I was successful in my “cutting”.

The Results

butter swim biscuits fresh from oven

Fresh from the oven and still bubbling! I let it cool down a bit before I took it out. About 5 minutes because honestly, I like my biscuits warm.

Butter swim biscuits
butter swim biscuit
This is the image from www.lodgecastiron.com

They tasted great! The crunchy edges were so addictive and the moist interior was fantastic with melted butter.

My version does not look like the picture but I’m okay with it. I don’t know if it’s a camera angle thing, but I don’t think my biscuits are as tall as the ones on the recipe and I certainly failed with the cut lines. But I don’t care. I liked them. My family liked them. The biscuits did not last long.

I would absolutely make these again and highly recommend them. The recipe was easy to follow. There were no strange ingredients and how can you go wrong with a yummy recipe that makes very few dishes to wash up after.

The recipe in detail can be found on the Lodge website here.

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