Raspberry & White Chocolate Scones
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Raspberry and White Chocolate Scones

The wild raspberries around the property are starting to ripen. We have had great weather for this fruit this year, so it should be a good bounty. Although the bushes are incredibly thorny, the flavour of wild raspberries makes it worth the scratches I always get trying to pick them. I use these raspberries in […]

Raspberry Cream Cheese Babka PIN
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Mouth-Watering Raspberry Cream Cheese Babka

Impressive loaf but easy to make I still had some frozen wild raspberries from two seasons ago in my freezer to use up. So, raspberry cream cheese babka was on the list! I like the sweetness from the cream cheese filling with the raspberry jam and the soft, buttery brioche dough makes it that much […]

Blueberry Honey Wheat Muffins
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Easy to Make Blueberry Honey Whole Wheat Muffins

Sometimes I just want to have some muffins on hand for a snack. Something you can quickly grab and enjoy. You don’t even need to get a plate if you don’t want one. This recipe results in a moist, soft muffin and the addition of whole wheat flour gives it a terrific texture. You can […]

Healthy morning muffins - split open
Breakfast, Muffins

Healthy Morning Muffins

Not just for breakfast It’s been two weeks since my son headed back to school and I’m already searching for items to include in his school lunches. I do this every year and this year, I made a promise to myself to cut back on the pre-packaged snack items and make my own. First up: […]

Melted cheese on your breakfast skillet

Breakfast Skillet made in a Lodge Cast Iron Pan

Hashbrowns, eggs, bacon and cheese This is a very hearty breakfast. Like the type of breakfast you eat and then go out and chop wood for hours. Hashbrowns, eggs, bacon and cheese…all cooked in one Lodge Cast Iron pan. It’s great for a low-mess breakfast option since it’s cooked in one pan, although your cardiologist […]