Cannoli dip with waffle cone

Delicious and Easy Cannoli Dip Recipe

cannoli dip in nice glass bowls

Recipe #4 in the summer No-Bake Dessert Series

Well, it’s happened again. Summer flew by! It’s the first week of September and it’s back to the school routine.

At the start of summer, I made a post (here) where I found 5 No-Bake Dessert recipes I wanted to try this summer. Cannoli Dip was actually the first recipe on the list!

I found this Cannoli Dip recipe on Homemade Hoopla’s website and it looked so good and so easy. I love cannolis. I’ve tried to make cannolis at home. Although everything tasted fantastic, the shells did not stay in the cylinder shape while deep frying. Technically, I made cannoli boats that time.

I liked the idea of being able to have cannolis pretty quickly without the hassle of deep frying. And yes, I know you can buy pre-made cannoli shells, but not easily in my area. That would have to be something I find when I’m in the city.

But back to this recipe…

Cannoli Dip – the easy way

The recipe was very easy to follow and took no time at all to prepare. There was no wait time for sitting in the fridge while everything firmed up. It was really just mix the ingredients and serve. I love that!

Ricotta and cream cheese
Cream cheese and ricotta cheese whipped together

I chose to use my hand mixer but the recipe says you can use either a stand mixer or a hand mixer. I agree with the recipe creator that you don’t want to try to do this by hand. You really do need a mixer of some sort to make sure it is creamy and smooth.

Cream the ricotta and cream cheese together and then add the powdered sugar.

Powdered sugar added to cheese mixture

Cream that together and then mix in the vanilla extract.

Canolli dip ready to be served

Make sure everything is well blended with a smooth texture. You don’t want any lumps in your cannoli dip.

Stir in the chocolate chips. I could not find miniature chocolate chips anywhere. I added some regular semi-sweet chocolate chips. Not a lot though since they are larger.

The resulting Cannoli Dip

I dug out my pretty glass bowls to make individual servings of cannoli dip for the family. I like to double dip so, with my own bowl, it doesn’t matter how many times I dip.

The recipe suggested using broken waffle cones as the “shells” for the cannoli dip. I found some at the grocery store and broke them up into medium-sized pieces.

What did the family think

My husband thought it was okay. He’s not a fan of the chocolate chips and made the suggestion of orange flavouring instead. I will try that next time since I think a nice citrus flavour would be good.

My son liked it. Not his favorite dessert but he likes icing so cakes are more his thing.

I really enjoyed it. I would prefer it more with the miniature chocolate chips. I will absolutely make this again as it was such a quick and easy dessert.

Do you have any suggestions for what to use to “dip” instead of waffle cones? Maybe a biscuit/cookie of some type? I’d love to hear what you think.

And yes, I still have 1 more No-Bake Dessert recipe to try. Be sure to subscribe down below so you can be notified when I make the Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie.

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