Lodge Cast Iron

Welcome to my new section on this blog all about Lodge Cast Iron. I love Lodge Cast Iron. It provides such an even heat and I love how easy they are to maintain. I can use metal utensils and not have to worry about any coatings scraping off. I can’t say enough good things about cast iron.

My collection of pans grows constantly. If I see that recognizable yellow Lodge display, I go right over to see if there is something that I don’t have yet and could possibly need. Even though I can’t get anything delivered to Canada from their website, I still get Lodge Cast Iron emails so I can see all the new products.

What you will find in this section of my blog are recipes made using Lodge Cast Iron. A few months ago, I downloaded the recipe book from Lodge and my goal is to make all the recipes in this book.

I also have a few recipes that I make in my Lodge Cast Iron pans that I don’t have a recipe for. These are things that I saw somewhere once or maybe had in a restaurant and these are my version of that meal. I will share my “recipe” if it’s something I’ve made up.

Welcome again and I hope you enjoy this section on Lodge Cast Iron.

Lodge Cast Iron Breakfast Skillet
I call this breakfast skillet – hash browns, eggs, bacon and cheese. Yum!