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Bowl of chocolate covered peanut butter balls
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Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Balls

A Christmas Tradition You don’t need to wait until Christmas to enjoy chocolate covered peanut butter balls but it does seem to be something I make every holiday season. It just seems right. These treats are a nice addition to any tray of Christmas baking. Chocolate covered peanut butter balls are very easy to make […]

Stack of chocolate chip cookies

Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies

Do you like crispy or cake-like cookies? For me, it’s soft, cake-like chocolate chip cookies every day! I can appreciate a crispy cookie, but not for my chocolate chip cookies. This recipe is for soft, cake-like cookies. Make sure you thoroughly whip the butter and sugars. You want the mixture to be fluffy and pale […]

Brownies on a plate

Dense, moist brownies with peanut butter chips

The Williams-Sonoma Cookbook Everyone needs a good brownie recipe I know what you are thinking. Another Williams Sonoma recipe book. How many could this woman have? Well, I have two. This one is an older book; first printed in 2008. It belongs to my husband and I’ve just sort of jumped into using it for […]


For the Love of Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

Oh Cookies. Soft delicious Chocolate Crinkle Cookies. My first recipe from this new cook book was Chocolate Crinkle Cookies. I’ve never made crinkle cookies of any sort so I wasn’t sure what to expect. The picture made the cookies look delicious and the recipe seemed pretty straight forward so I figured this was a good […]